Today starts the week of our Christmas program at church. These next three nights are dress rehearsals and then Thursday – Saturday are the productions. My part is not major but the angst I’ve had has been very MAJOR! It sounds silly, but it is nonetheless true. As I began my journaling this morning and confessing all of this to Jesus I found myself feeling bad for not being thankful about all of this rather than so concerned. It wasn’t until I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, that He reminded me about believing.

This entire year I’ve had one major goal–Believe I’m a new creation. That first word–believe–is not to be used only as the start of being a new creation. It is to be at the start of all God provides and asks of us. Do I believe I’ll mess up or do I believe God placed me in this part to complete my piece as He wanted? Do I believe I can memorize lines and remember them at the right time? Do I believe the dance steps can be done without looking foolish? Until this morning I’ve been looking forward to this coming Sunday when all of this is behind me. Today, Jesus wants me to look forward to being part of His Story as portrayed. Along with this looking forward to it, He wants me believing I will do it just fine.

I’m not just a new creation and that’s it. I’m a new creation that no longer believes the lies fed to me and Satan wants to keep alive in me. I choose to believe this new creation is one for now and then for eternity!

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