It seems God was not done yesterday helping me to believe that I’m a new creation who believes each and every day. Last night’s rehearsal was a little over 3 hours, but it went well for the most part. The next two nights should easily bring the loose ends together. When I arose this morning I started my journaling telling Jesus I needed some help this morning. I feel wiped out and it’s just the first trial run. He reminded me that praising Him works better than complaining to Him. Praising Him falls in line with BELIEVING. My devotional stayed right on this same topic. It pointed out that picturing in my mind the beauty of what I hope for developing into fruition is what God wants me to do. Along with this, praise Him for this outcome ahead of its actualizing.

I really needed this spiritual insight. I’ve been picturing my screw-ups and dance stumbling. Instead, God is asking me to picture what I hope for. Taking a moment to do this is nothing less than fun. It takes me immediately into a mindset of–I can not only do this, it is fun too! How faithful and nurturing our God is. I PRAISE HIM this day!

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