Trusting works! I say this because I’m following up the blog of yesterday. The production yesterday went as smoothly as any other and the audience said over and over it was the best Christmas production they’d ever witnessed. To God be the Glory! As I would begin to go into “my panic–control” and rehash every line I was to say, I reminded myself to trust. Every line was there and I just didn’t need to worry about it. I even had a moment to tell our director how God had used her prayer the day before to teach me a lesson in TRUST.

Today all of the angst of the past many weeks is fading. But, I don’t want to simply rejoice that it is done and move past. There were some big lessons God wants me to keep in my daily living while I continue to trust Him in ways I’ve not done before. I know this is “one day at a time, one moment at a time” (as stated in The Serenity Prayer). From this point forward I’d like to put this trust into place as I approach new, challenging items in life rather than having to learn to trust while going through them–whatever they may be.

What a wonderful GOD we get to serve!

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