I have a dear friend who is battling cancer. She and her husband are seeing her doctor this morning to consult on a better route of treatment since the tumor is growing. As I was beginning to read Psalms 89 in The Passion (translation), there is a footnote in verse 1. The verse says: “This forever-song I sing of the gentle love of God!” The footnote for this verse says: “The Hebrew word for ‘sing’ has multiple homonyms. Shuwr can also mean wall. When we feel like we are up against a wall, it is time to sing and see ourselves break through by faith. But shuwr can also mean to behold or to perceive. As we sing to God in abandoned worship, we perceive that his glory is greater than the wall that stands before us….”

There is a second piece to this chapter which is also important. It is found in vs 15. It says, “O Lord, how blessed are the people who know the triumphant shout.” It’s footnote reads, “The Hebrew word for triumphant shout is teruah, a homonym for the word for brokenness. Our triumphant shout can be powerful even in the midst of our brokenness.”

I took a picture of this chapter with footnotes and sent it to this couple. I also want to share it with a couple of the folks I see in counseling sessions. We are going to sing this wall of darkness down and shout the triumphant shout just as the Israelites did (from God’s instruction) with the walls of Jericho.

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