The message of yesterday’s post is still important for today. In fact, when I began my scripture reading I was nudged to read the same passages I did yesterday. This is all in Psalms 89. The struggles of life don’t even begin to compare to the overwhelming love of God. My devotional went deeply into our need to surrender to God every single dark corner of ourselves. We all have those cravings, lusts, desires we want to hang onto. They deter us for a moment and we think that is OK–it’s only for a moment. God, on the other hand, wants every moment and He wants to be the cravings of our heart and mind.

In Psalms 89 vs’s 30-32, it says in part, “But, if his children turn from me and forsake my words refusing to walk in my truth…, I will surely punish them for their sins… until they regret it.” It goes on to say in vs 33, “But I will never, no never, lift my faithful love from off their lives. My kindness will prevail and I will never disown them.”

So many people need to know that God will never disown them. The world may, but not God. This is an abundant truth that needs to be delivered often to those hurting.

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