Yesterday was one of those days where a good deal was put into place that had been hanging, waiting for the right time. It started with my brothers and wives coming over after church. When our sis Alice passed away the day after Thanksgiving, we have been waiting for the date to be set for her celebration of life. She lives in S. California and her own family reside there. It has been set for February 10 which allowed us to book our flight, car rental, lodging, etc. It also frees my mind now to focus on her service and what I want to say honoring her precious life. My niece has asked that I conduct her service. I asked my oldest living brother if he would give a tribute and he said he would. He is just two years younger than Alice. He usually declines these offers so I was joyful that he said yes.

Later in the day we had our Celebrate Recovery leadership Christmas party. This coming Thursday is our “Christmas blessing” night. Scriptures of promise are drawn from a bowl and the scripture is read over the person whose name you draw. We all look forward to this. It’s something we have done now for all 15 years. These promises/blessings always bring hope to ones who have felt hopeless. I look forward to the sharing of these again. My devotional said it well this morning. Its title is: “Step into the flames of first-love passion”. It reads in part, …Beautiful one, I invite you to step into that first-love passion again. I am always drawing you closer to myself. I am stoking the flames of sacred desire within you….” This is exactly what these blessings do–stoke the flames of sacred desire within us giving new hope and passion to trust God fully as we strive to live for Him. I love this!

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