Today, I began my journaling as I always do each morning. When I got to the end of my part and asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, I heard a voice unfamiliar to me. I started to write what I was hearing but felt this uncanny sense that this was not Christ’s voice. I stopped writing and rebuked this voice in Jesus’ Powerful Name. As I began to write again, the unfamiliar voice was gone and the voice I always hear was now present. I knew the other voice was that of evil, but wondered why today? As I got into my devotional reading I knew why.

Last Thursday in Celebrate Recovery one of our young men asked for prayer for a court hearing he has today. I put a post-it note in my devotional on today’s date so I’d remember to pray for him. It is a very ugly case which involves blatant sin where evil thrives. When I saw the note I stopped and prayed in Jesus’ Powerful Name to thwart all that Satan wants to take place today and let His Will be done in this courtroom. It was at that point the “peace that passeth all understanding” settled in me. I knew then that Jesus Christ will help this young man today and he will know He is in God’s Care.

What a caring and gracious God we serve!

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