This morning I couldn’t help but reflect on Jesus’ message to me yesterday. In a counseling session last night (one I still observe from when we started last June), the counselor had the counselee address a traumatic event in his childhood from three different angles. In so doing the counselee was able to be freer from its tormenting dreams and lingering bondage. It was a good tool to add to my growing list I can use with my own counselees.

The process made me wonder about the sexual abuse I endured from my brother. I don’t have nightmares about it any longer, but I do sometimes have dreams about being sought out. I also have the tormenting temptations. I wondered if I should walk through this process using my own story? It isn’t one event–there were hundreds of times. I will talk to the counselor I observed about this. However, when I asked Jesus about it this morning, He reminded me of sin’s consequences. Temptations are not sin and they don’t have to be acted upon. I can always say no to them, confess them to my sponsor friend and walk away. I know this and take these steps.

God is opening my mind to new learning in areas I’ve always been curious about, but now I can use them with His Help for the sake of others and even my own continued growth. Living this life as a new creation is a lesson unto itself. I never want to stop learning from our Great Teacher!

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