For the past couple of weeks I’ve been reflecting on the difference between having Christ’s Help vs having Christ’s Leadership. I’ve written about this a couple different times, but it has not been resolved until today. When I was journaling I found myself wanting deeper clarity on this topic so I wrote out what I thought the differences were and then I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know. This is what I heard:

“You are asking things only few get to in their lifetime of living in the flesh. It doesn’t mean I don’t respond, but it does mean–will you respond? You have looked to a few of My people (Mother Teresa, Oswald Chambers, and Watchman Nee) who dedicated their living for me. It wasn’t what I did, it’s what they did. They yielded themselves to always saying YES to Me, no matter the cost to them. Their obedience is what they gave Me. This is what I simply ask of you each and every day. Is that price too big? I don’t think so, for the consequences for obedience are souls won for Me and souls finding freedom beyond salvation, as you well know. This, My son, is allowing Me to Help. You must choose the decision to take all the help and act on each one, not the “some” which are easier or more comfortable.”

I have been afraid to trust my “leadership” for my life. It would be so much easier if Jesus simply took the lead and I would simply follow. However, it became very clear that He will never take away choice. Obedience is always a choice. I see my pride as my major stumbling block. I don’t want to look like dad and his pride. However, Christ says to take my eyes off of dad and place them on Him. This is my first step of obedience for today.

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