This morning I am walking into a counseling session unlike any I’ve had thus far. A young man who has been coming for a couple of months is confronting his father for the physical and verbal abuse throughout his childhood. I know his father quite well. As I began to pray this morning and asking Jesus what He wanted me to know, He said it was now time to recognize Him and His Holy Spirit. They have already been working on this and I am facilitating Their start of a healing process. Healing comes when the wound is exposed. Today will be exactly that–exposing the wound. I had to admit that I knew this to be the right thing to do, but my eyes were momentarily on man, and Jesus wanted them to be on Him. It makes me smile to write this. I hate being so human, but it is simply true and these reminders from Christ are deeply appreciated. I will now walk into this session surrendered and focused. How good our Savior and Lord is!

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