Well, the surprise of yesterday was totally unexpected. The counseling session was not at all what had been intended. The father didn’t come. When he was called, he’d forgotten. That right there screamed a message to me. The son was very saddened. He was ready and prepared to give his message of hope to his dad. Instead, he got an unspoken message that you don’t count (which he already struggles with). All of this now said, we needed to look at God rather than man. By the end of the session we had agreed that God was taking more time to prepare all of the members for the session which will now take place in two weeks. We didn’t walk away with understanding, but we did walk away with peace.

My devotional’s message today was that understanding is not what brings peace. Trust brings peace. I instantly tied this message back to yesterday’s event. We understood the message yesterday–“I forgot”. There was no peace in this. However, when we walked away from the session an hour later, we had taken a look at what God must be doing that we can’t see or know at this point in time. We accepted TRUST and found peace. The young man’s words were, “God cares.” And, I agree!

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