The joy, yet sadness of loss, is a paradox. The joy is that when we lose a family member who is a believer, we will see them upon our entrance to heaven. The sadness is they are no longer with us until that entrance. In less than a month I’ve lost a sister and a niece. Now, we are losing a sister-in-law. She is one of those where the “in-law” can be removed. You simply want her as your sis. All three of these are believers. Heaven has welcomed two and the other is very close. Yet, I rejoice and know that JOY is close by. I hurt for my brother-in-law (who is as close to me as a brother). He and Debbie have been an inspiration every since I married into their family.

Some of the JOY of today is flying in this morning. I will get them from the airport in a few hours. Sadness–yes, JOY, yes. These will be part of this Christmas and we will celebrate the truth that Jesus came for these very reasons. We can be confident that those we lose will only be ‘for a while”. I’m so grateful for this blessed Savior we are celebrating and the assurance He promises!

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