The Christmas tree is up, decorating is done, presents and stockings are wrapped, our oldest grandson has arrived as of last night and our Oklahoma family will be arriving tomorrow morning. Yes, the Christmas season’s celebrations can officially begin.

I can’t begin to outline just how much of my life’s enjoyment has been wrapped around my view of “man”. The joy in events and life itself was determined by the way “man” got along with others during the events. I was listening to my grandson last night and heard similar comments about his present life and how “man” determines enjoyment by his behavior. Then, I read this morning’s devotion about JOY. It reminds me that JOY is found in all circumstances of every day. The only way this can be done is when our eyes are off of man and onto Jesus. Our state of mind can be joyful when we live in the world of man but keep our eyes looking up to Jesus. We can only be responsible for our own behavior and response to life. Our heart can then be joyful when this is done.

Everyday I get lost in the day. I’m thinking I need to have devotions about 4 times a day so these reminders come often enough that I live by them more intentionally. Once each morning is usually a good start and then…. Well, here’s to a healthy start!

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