The Oklahoma kids are on their way home. All went smoothly at the airport for them. They are grateful with all of the delays that they hadn’t needed to deal with any of them (thus far). My oldest grandson who use to live with us for a couple of years, asked me last night if I was ready to have the house quiet again? I told him that answer is yes. He said, “I thought so. You use to tell me that.” This morning I am enjoying the quiet again.

No family is without their drama and mine is no exception. Taking this drama to God and leaving it with Him is one of the hardest things we have to do as parents or grandparents. I know He uses all things to His honor and glory as we live through the drama of daily living. However, it isn’t until we open the drama to Him and let Him lead us through it that He can use it to glorify Himself and then use it to help others. I sure know this first-hand from my own living of life. How quickly we try to retake control of things we need to keep surrendered. The “gift” of choice God gave man is used as a curse in the hands of Satan. Only when we leave this to God can we get Satan to flee. Our choice has to also include the many times in a day we need to surrender and choose to let God deal with our enemy.

Earlier this past week I used the phrase, Worship & Trust. Well, this is the key to watching God perform His miracles in His own time. Today, I surrender again.

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