All of a sudden the Christmas vacation ended and the reality of life at home hit full swing. I had scheduled extra counseling appointments into yesterday making it a very full day. However, it was a productive one and it was nice to be into a routine again after the fun of a week with all my family.

As this year is coming to a close and my focus on living the life of a new creation is becoming more real, I’ve discovered so much about myself I don’t like admitting. To see oneself as a new creation, one must see God’s Work. In seeing God’s Work in looking at oneself, one can’t help but see his flesh. Boy, do I see it like I’ve never seen before. I’ve written so many times about comparing myself to dad or to my brother. God, on the other hand, gave us His Son to keep our eyes upon. The amazing reality about keeping my eyes on Jesus is that He opens our eyes to His Holy Spirit. In so doing, I find loving grace and strength to confront my flesh with a new desire to not live submitting to the desires of flesh. Satan wants to bring me back to comparing with dad and my brother, but Jesus stands in this gap so I look to Him and receive strength to live more fully as this new creation.

Growing in the reality of being a new creation is the most beautiful gift I could ever receive. How little I knew what this glorious gift was like!

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