The message of yesterday–daily keeping my eyes on Jesus as my barometer for living only grows stronger as I experience the day. Yesterday, as my day with the most counseling sessions, I found myself reminding me to keep my eyes on Jesus as I heard the messages from each individual. It is so easy to slip into the emotions of the problems and respond from that standpoint rather than from the standpoint of Christ Jesus and His Word. The Light of Jesus penetrates all darkness when we use His Word and deliver it with Christ’s compassion.

As I was getting ready to start my devotions I found I had an email from a new counselee. This person is someone I know well along with their spouse. The water runs deep here and I quickly found myself with eyes on the persons. Then, as I began my devotional time, my devotional read, “Help me make friends with the problems in my life.” Instantly I was brought back to my goal of keeping my eyes on Jesus. When I thank God that I have this problem facing me I can thank Him because my trust in Him knows He will use it to His Honor and Glory. I can pass this promise along to my counselees.

In the last paragraph of the devotion, it reads, “I’ve discovered that the best way to make friends with my troubles is to thank God for them. This counterintuitive act opens my mind to the possibility of blessings emerging from the difficulties….”

Today I am keeping my eyes on Jesus along with thanking and trusting Him.

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