Keeping my eyes only on Jesus is my “goal” for this year. I am grounded in the truth that a new creation is to do just this. Allowing our eyes to drift to man as our barometer for living “a good life” is opposite of living as a new creation. With this said, I find myself needing to separate being with man and keeping my eyes on Jesus from being with man and shifting my eyes to him.

Starting into this counseling program I am encountering so many issues where man is stuck in a behavior/s, a belief/s, lie/s, and so on. It is so easy to shift my eyes from Jesus to them and share their issues. Many of what I hear are not new to me for I have lived through them. However, Jesus is helping me see my need to recognize and sympathize with the counselee, however, confront the lie/s boldly and with kindness.

Some of the behaviors and lies we live with are ones I find hard to discard because one doesn’t want to live without it or one doesn’t know how to live without it. This is where I have lived until I was faced with living as a new creation and seeing the huge difference. I have found myself, in past, excusing “me” for some behaviors because I’m a victim. Well, truth be told, a new creation is no longer a victim, but a victor! This is the grounding we have in being a new creation with our eyes only on Jesus. Learning to live this way each and every day is my goal. Helping others to do the same is my purpose.

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