As today begins I have asked Jesus to shed Light on the confusion in my mind regarding relying on His Strength in the midst of one’s battle? I keep counseling with ones (latest was last night) who “want to please Jesus” but they continually step quickly back into their old habits. In a couple of cases, they are young and “want to please Jesus but don’t want to quit a new habit” or behavior. As I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today I was given this insight:


1st–Do you know Jesus Christ as God Almighty who gave you choice?

2nd–Do you know the Power of asking Jesus and turning to Him as your choice rather than turning to the temptation?

3rd–Are you willing to accept the consequences of Jesus being your Power Source?

As I journaled these I couldn’t help but see their application to me first of all. I have lived a long time knowing these but–believing them and putting them into my daily living? No, I am still working on them in some cases. However, one’s response to these questions become the foundation of believing and then trusting as one steps into each day. A good start for me today.

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