Yesterday morning held a counseling moment I was needing to surrender over and over. It was a situation where we were dealing with a victim and the abuser in the same room. My flesh kept wanting to worry about this session, yet my spirit knew it was the right thing to do. I had my prayer warrior praying knowing this and the time of the session. As I got to our room I prayed over it asking God’s Holy Spirit to not only be present, but inviting Him to take control.

As the hour ended the young man thanked his dad for coming. We prayed and I too thanked the dad for coming and for his honest listening and responding for clarity. I then invited him to give his son and me some time for us. He then left. The son was pleased with the outcome of the meeting, but somewhat numb about believing it to be as true as it sounded. God’s Light had shone brilliantly in the session and man had responded to it. When the son left his smile was bigger than I’d ever seen.

It is amazing to see and experience God Working. What a privilege I have!

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