The goal for me this year is to keep my eyes on Jesus throughout each day no matter what the circumstances are which occur in the day. At this point in time, if I didn’t have it written on the top of my prayer list, I’d completely lose sight of it. I had no idea how much my eyes are on the circumstances of the day only. As I journal each morning I am able to recall the circumstances of the day before and talk to God about it. God, instead, is helping me see how I wrap myself into the issues of the day without seeking where God is in it. In counseling moments I have nudges which I act upon and know they come from God. Outside of these sessions I am needing to hear God at the moment rather than the day after.

Man says we are to listen for understanding. This is a common standard for meetings in today’s world. Ask clarifying questions follows in line with the listening for understanding. I find myself listening but I am a novice at having my spirit hear God’s Spirit while I am listening to man. It is the next day in my journaling that I presently hear God’s Spirit respond to the day before. God is wanting me to grow in my hearing Him during the day. This seems to be my assignment for the present in learning to keep my eyes on Jesus within the day.

It is always good when we can bring Jesus into the events of a day. What I am becoming very aware of is the need to do this at the time rather than the reflection time the following morning. Listening to man keeping my emotions in check while I listen to God in my spirit is this assignment. I’ve always said I’m not good at doing two things at the same time, but I think this is different. I’m asking God to help me along this path of learning.

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