Yesterday was one of those unusual days where everything I wanted to get done got done and then much more was also accomplished. All I could do was say, Thank You God.

The most touching part of the day came about after I’d talked with my niece about her mom’s service which will be next month. Her mom is my sis who passed shortly after thanksgiving. I will be conducting the service so she and I were talking about what she’d like to include. A request which caught me off guard was for me to sing a song which I would want to sing for my sis. I’ve never needed to do something like this so I said I’d have to give this some thought and pray about it. Well, in the afternoon I googled “songs for sisters”. Eventually I found a song by Steve & Annie Chapman entitled: Brother and Sister song. It was exactly what I’d want to sing for my sis. The added beauty is that my wife Kathy will sing the portion of the song that is for the sister to sing. We will sing the song as a duet.

I’m continually amazed at the intimate, detailed interest God has in our lives. He cares so much more than we realize if we only give Him the chance to show it. How precious our Heavenly Father is!

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