I’ve lived a long time wishing I could somehow know the life of a new creation only to find that the missing element was “believing” and the confidence of believing. In the flesh believing is something like hope. It isn’t tangible. However in spirit, belief is a substance as solid as concrete is to us in the flesh.

This all seems very relevant today as I write this. We arrived at my brother-in-law’s place yesterday to assist with the celebration of life service for his wife. It will be tomorrow. It is a tearful, yet joyous time for his wife was one of life’s treasures as I wrote about previously. Being in their home reminds me of this so much–everything is cheery just as she was. This morning as I have been having my devotions God has been reinforcing for me the confidence one can have when we are not relying on ourselves to be a help, but relying on completing His reason for doing what we are doing. If this is so, He has already prepared the work and prepared us for it. I am not alone and I am never alone as I realize all of this as a new creation.

My brother-in-law is more like a brother. He knows me in ways even my own brothers don’t. God has used him to help me with so many recovery steps I’ve taken in the past 15 years. Our being here now with him is a chance to “return the favor” in whatever ways God has in mind. I want to cry with him and then rejoice with him for the lifetime of joy he was given with his wife. They were exceptional at passing that joy around to whomever they were with.

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