The day has arrived for my brother-in-law’s wife’s service. Yesterday afternoon and evening most of her family was able to come and spend time here. Kids and grandkids were also here. It was a joyful time it seemed for most if not all. Debbie was a cheerfully spirited person so the afternoon and evening was a good representation of her and how she would want this time to be.

Taking part in the celebration of life today will be a simple moment of giving to this family I love. Debbie had wanted her husband Dwight to sing Amazing Grace for her service. When Dwight told her that would be too difficult for him, they agreed I should do it. Most of the service will be family sharing briefly about their mom, grandma, family member and friend. All of this is a very clear reminder that our lives do count even in the moments of days when we have no idea how that could be.

As I was journaling this morning it seemed Jesus was asking me if it is well with my soul? If it isn’t, if there is something standing in the way, it is the right time to take care of it. It seems God is always waiting with the door wide open for us to enter into His presence to rectify anything that is on our mind or heavy on our hearts. There’s no need to wait. Waiting only hinders us. Today, as I enter into its events, I do so with things settled. God is so kind and good. Lets serve Him well today!

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