The intimacy of God has no limits. Yet, why do I put so many limits on my own intimacy? This is a huge character defect I possess. Touch and proximity are areas I’ve always struggled with, especially when the touch is unexpected or someone wants to linger with their touch. My red flags scream at me. However, God wants to be intimately close to me and His Spirit lives within me. As a new creation I am beginning to now see my need to let this struggle come into the Light of God which is His Healing Light.

God has given to each of us a discerning spirit. The sins of my past taught me things that were never to be true lessons from God. These are things like–touch is always abuse, touch leads immediately to sin, a lengthen hug means I want you for sex. These disgusting lies are ones Satan wants me to keep. God, on the other hand, wants me to allow Him to heal/remove them by not hiding them, instead, He wants me to give them over to Him so He can bring the healing His Intimate Light provides. He wants me to use His gift of discernment to notify me when red flags are flying. Touch is a gift of intimacy and I am seeing that so much more clearly today.

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