I didn’t realize how emotionally drained I was until I got up this morning. I had a moment where I thought Folgers may not be enough to get this old man in gear! However, I’m up and at it, just a little slower paced.

I lived a long time not understanding how devoted God is to relationships. Everything about Him is connected to relationships. Even the universe is created to have relationship with itself. When we get to the intimate relationship God wants to have with us, well, it’s not different. We are created with emotions, intellect, flesh, spirit, senses, and more. God wants us to use all of what He gave us to worship and be in fellowship with Him.

When I was younger I thought I could only share some of my thoughts with God because the others “perverted”, sometimes angry ones, sometimes selfish ones, etc. I could only share with God what were the thoughtful, loving ones which seemed like Him. I’ve learned over time that the creator who created us wants all of us to be shared with Him. He created a way of escape for all of the thoughts and actions to be forgiven and erased if we follow His Lead by accepting Christ as our Savior and confessing to Him. He wants our relationship to be complete with Him. Our God is so amazing! The intimacy and care He gives us is beyond what we can humanly understand, yet with what I do understand, I give Him PRAISE!

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