January is coming to an close, but winter is well into itself today. It is 10 degrees outside. I’ve already been to the airport and back taking our neighbors who are headed to Hawaii on a cruise ship. Good place to head in this kind of weather! In my journaling this morning I was thanking God for such nice neighbors. They watch our place when we are gone and we can return the favor for them. In addition, the ones across the road put up my mailbox post this past week. I don’t know how he did it. I tried with my posthole diggers but the ground was frozen solid. Someone had plowed into their box and ours during the night last week. This was the 2nd time this has happened in 6 months. Nice neighbors are a gift from God.

While I’m thanking God, I also thank Him that winter doesn’t need to stop gardening. I’m planting tomato seeds today even though it is only 10 degrees. I already have onions up and peppers should be up any day. I’ll transfer all of these to the greenhouse in March when the nights are closer to freezing temperatures and the heater can keep the greenhouse warm. It makes my heart happy when I can see these little fellows called seeds come to life which will grow into what I love to pick and eat during the summer and fall.

God’s blessings are all around us if we will just take time to look. How amazing He is!

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