A counselee I’ve been seeing last night moved allowing me to observe a session another counselor was having. This is one of the two “guinea pigs” we started with last June when I observed for two months this counselor and this counselee. I know the man well and they said it was fine for me to observe. It was very enlightening. This man has struggled from a childhood similar to my own and I knew they were tackling some issues I’ve needed to do in my past. The counselor was working to help him find his strengths/gifts God gave him as a man and believe this as truths for himself. He started on this and with a little help was able to agree to a few good points.

Later in the session it came out that he was good at his work because he is sensitive to his customers. At this point I interjected that another strength he has is his sensitivity. He looked a little confused but agreed he was sensitive.

This man is my sponsor and I am his from our Celebrate Recovery years. We text twice a day for accountability purposes. As I got home last night I found a text from him thanking me for pointing out that his sensitivity is a strength. It had always been seen by him as a weakness which went clear back to his childhood and the criticism he received at that time from his dad. I’ve needed in my own past to see that my sensitivity is a gift rather than a curse. God is now showing him the same. Our God is so GOOD and thorough!

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