I never realize until afterwards how something impacts me. My wife has been gone since last Saturday and returned last night. When I got home from Celebrate Recovery she was here. She had been on a buying trip with her sis for her sis’s store in Oregon. As I got up this morning I found myself more awake and more relaxed. I’m always reminded that disrupted routines have their impact.

This morning God has been reminding me to keep my eyes on His Son trusting Him to be the One I trust and praise. I know this and remind others of this all the time, but when I have my own concern and details to contend with I so often forget to do this. So, in the middle of my journaling when God gave me this nudge, I stopped writing and took time to thank Him for what He’s already done and for what He’s doing and will be doing as the days move forward. It was the reminder I needed for this morning and the focus I needed for today.

I don’t care where we are or what we are doing, God wants us to know He is right there. As I was journaling following this moment I thanked Jesus for being right with me and He then reminded me that not only is He with me, His Holy Spirit is within me. What a blessed people we are to have our Almighty God who is so very caring!

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