It’s quite early in the morning as I write this. We are headed to the airport in 40 minutes and it’s now 4 am. I keep thanking Jesus for all He has done to guide us in putting Alice’s service together. Her daughter, when I called her yesterday, was pleased that we were putting a salvation component in the message. God’s Holy Spirit completes Himself in all that He wants done. Miles do not matter. His omnipotence and omnipresence is always thorough.

Each year when we make the trip to California to visit our family it is something we look forward to. This year, I keep trying to tell myself that it will turn out that way. In my flesh I anguish over the decline in health that is ever present. These are the ones I’ve loved for so many, many years. I do thank God for them being part of my life and being such encouraging ones. It is time for us to return the favor and encourage them in these years. My Aunt Billie who is turning 90 in May is no longer able to keep any details, yet she is hosting all of us at her home with the help of my two cousins. I know I’m lamenting as I write this, but this is today’s journey.

I know God’s Love and Grace will be very present in this week. I’m rejoicing in it. A moment to lament is now done for the day. Now, it is time to rejoice!

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