Early tomorrow morning my two brothers who live locally with our wives will fly to San Diego for the celebration of life service for our sis Alice. I have been working on this service staying in touch with our niece who lives there and is putting the physical details for the service together. I will conduct the service which will be Friday the 10th.

All of us kids grew up in the church during its hell-fire/damnation message years. I had never heard a Grace message until I was later in high school. All of us kids have our relationship with Jesus, but for several, church wasn’t a major part of living life. The messages, tied to our dad’s double standards for his living, gave a very tainted view of Christianity and church. This is all in the past, yet the damage it caused still rears its head at times.

There will be many 2nd and 3rd generation family at this service. I asked my brothers and wives yesterday what they thought about my including in what I say, the salvation message–brief, but concise? They thought Alice would want this, but done with Grace rather than the hellfire we knew when we were young. I’m going to talk with my niece regarding her thoughts, but most importantly, I want to honor God’s nudge. I know the Holy Spirit will make this clear. Salvation is a choice God gave us. I sure don’t want any of us living longer not realizing how important Jesus Christ is to us and His connection to eternity with Him and our loved ones.

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