Today is the day before. Yesterday was spent getting the flowers arranged and ready for the décor at my sis’s service. Her daughter Donna took her friend, my sis-in-law and me to pick out all of the flowers and then we spent much of the afternoon putting the arrangements together. This was a joy for me. My sis Alice and I would spend hours picking out flowers for her yard that I would then plant in the various flower beds she had. I always looked forward to coming down knowing I’d get the opportunity to be with her doing this. Both of us loved these times.

Today my nephew is coming to the place we’re staying to practice the songs for the service. My older brother told me I worry too much, but I want this service to be one that honors God and my sis. Those two are together eternally now and the service is to recognize this and and encourage others to want this for themselves.

When I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today He kindly reminded me that He is pleased with the plans and that He has brought together just what He wants to glorify Himself. We can be joyful servants getting the opportunity to be part of this celebration of Alice’s life. My devotional was about faith and as I write this I can see that I need to put my focus on faith rather than the “worry” my brother is noticing. This will be my intent for today.

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