The day is here. In a few hours we will be celebrating the life of my sis Alice. As I was reading my devotions, journaling and bible reading I was continuously reminded that today is the day to trust. All of the plans are done. We will help set the photo displays, tables for the reception to follow, etc., but all of that is planned, now we just do it. Then, the real part begins at 11:00 am when we will actually honor Alice’s life. It was rewarding to hear the things my siblings are sharing when we went through each one’s part yesterday. My nephew arrived and we were able to also practice the songs being sung. He will accompany all of them with his guitar. Alice was so full of life! The service, I believe, will also be full of life for everything each one shares exemplifies this.

This morning Jesus was reminding me that His Spirit within will complete all of this for He is the same Spirit within each one taking part. He knows how to bring all of this together just at the right time and for all of the right purposes. He knows how to bring this celebration right back to His Honor and Glory. I just need to do my part. He will amply do His.

All praise and honor go to Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. My trust is fully in them and what a blessing it is to get to take part today.

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