Jesus is always the answer! This trip has been such a huge blessing in so many ways. Each one of us, including our sis Bonnie who still lives here, have been together for 6 days and all has been fun and refreshing. I can’t thank God enough for this time!

Today we head home. As I sat down to begin my devotions I started to reflect on all the details of going home and having everything in order. Instantly Jesus reminded me that I could relax as I have throughout the past few days for He has already taken care of the details. All I need to do is take the steps I know to take. He hasn’t forgotten a thing.

The other thing that has been awakening for me this trip is the time I’ve had with these two brothers of mine. I’ve always had an inner sense of insufficiency being with them. They are the ones who can do all the stuff I’ve never been good at. However, this time for the first time, I’ve been comfortable being who I am and not feeling inferior.

God never quits growing us into the image He created us to be. How I love this!

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