Happy Valentine’s Day seems like something in the near future rather than today. Getting back last night, not sleeping well and starting to do the counseling today seems to take away any thoughts of love. I’m trying to refocus into the reality of home. So much took place while we were in California for my sis’s service that I’m really struggling to shift from it to the responsibilities of home. It will happen, but this morning is a moment of real shifting.

I can’t begin to express my deep gratitude for the six days in California with my family. It truly was a trip to remember and to be thankful for. God is so good in spite of our humanness. I know that is why He sent Jesus so that in spite of this humanness of ours, we can have a clear path to Him. Yet, being human, I sometimes wonder just how He does this. His Love is so far beyond any of mankind. I’m sure as we enter into our own eternity someday, we will understand this love on a much deeper level. Until then, I will be grateful for what I do know–God is LOVE!

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