Most often when I sit down to write this blog I have a message already I want given. Today, there seemed to be several and none were the right one. When I asked Jesus what message He wanted written I felt the nudge to start writing so He could give the message. Yesterday as I wrote about the orderliness of God’s Work, I said I’d be pondering this topic more.

Yesterday in the counseling sessions I heard so much chaos that is going on in each one’s life. Some much more than others. They were stuck and wanting guidance for stepping out of this chaos. I found myself listening to each one and often identifying with the circumstances they were describing. Most often, it seems that our chaos stems from us setting the expectations when God has something else in mind. One young man said he was about to step into a religion that offered him exactly what he was wanting. He knew they didn’t follow Jesus Christ, but Jesus hadn’t given him what he wanted and they seemingly would. When I asked him what Jesus had provided for him in the past 3 months, he looked at me oddly and, after a moment, began to tell all that He had provided. This young man wanted the end result of his wants now when Jesus has an orderly plan in mind that He wants us to TRUST.

This morning I am just amazed at the number of times I’ve done what this young man is doing. I knew the outcome of my life I wanted to have and it didn’t look anything like what I have done in the past 15 years. God wants us to take each of our days and trust Him within them. We will likely have expected outcomes, but I’m finding I need to hang onto them loosely for God may have a very different one in mind which will be so much more rewarding. I wanted my past obliterated so my life’s message would be one man (I) would call “successful”. God wanted my past to be my message so man would know His Way is truly the one called “successful” for in God’s Way is genuine “peace that passeth all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) when we apply the trust.

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