Sometimes the day just doesn’t start out in the usual manner. Even though it seemed to start that way, it quickly got interrupted with a very early phone call, a computer which wouldn’t click into gear and then a granddaughter who needed to be picked up from high school–sick. Anyway, here is the post I usually have finished a couple hours ago.

I started reading through the bible the first of this year reading a one year chronological Bible. Not too many days ago the Israelites made a golden calf which they went wild worshiping thinking Moses wasn’t going to come off of the mountain. When he did there was chaos in the camp. Today’s reading was the worshiping of the Israelites once they had made all that God had told Moses to have created for worshiping Him. Each of the 12 tribes followed an exact process for this worship. Even though I know that all that God creates is orderly and extremely well defined, I hadn’t realized how orderly the worship God wanted from the Israelites was. I have never liked chaos and it seems God doesn’t either.

Chaos disrupts good thinking. God tells us that He gives a peace that passeth all understanding. Even when chaos is around us, we don’t need to participate in it and we don’t need to let it bog us down as it often does me. I want to spend some additional time pondering this message. The orderliness of God is very intentional and I want to honor it always.

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