Yesterday I wrote in part of the entry about walking the high road with Jesus. This was on my mind throughout most of the day yesterday. It was not difficult to know when I stepped away from this high road. Did I want to please me or please Jesus? Who was I going to put first? As I began my journaling this morning I was writing about this. Then when I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, He went on to say that the high road is paved. It is not a mysterious road. He clearly makes our decisions known to us by His Spirit within us. Secondly, it is when we choose to step away that we find the chaos of the unpaved road. There are ruts, diversions, and all kinds of signs which only lead further away from Him. Wow, this made sense as I was writing it out. I hope it does for you too.

The other highlighted piece of this morning came when I started my devotional reading. Some of us in our family got a disturbing “put-down” earlier this week. I met yesterday with the other ones involved to discuss how to handle this. We called the one troubled and set a meeting for next Monday. This morning’s devotional was titled, “A Better Word”. The message was to bless those who curse you. It completely refocused me and I’ll share this with the other family members so we can do just this–bless this one who is troubled.

God is so AMAZING! What man would ever think to bless the one who curses him? However, in so doing, we walk the high road where Jesus always is and is waiting for us to join Him.

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