I’m always impressed and amazed at the way God works. A young father & husband has been seeking counseling for a few months now. During this time he has come a long way in growing. He hasn’t asked Jesus into his life. In fact, he has been raised to believe that Jesus is a good man, but he isn’t the son of God. This young man is not Jewish, but his upbringing has much of the Old Testament’s practices in it. As we processed through a habit he wants to stop, I approached his lack of belief in Jesus Christ. I told him that the New Testament fulfills the Old Testament through Jesus Christ. I wanted him to ponder his own need for Jesus in his life. The bondage of sinful habits is met with real Hope and Faith when one believes in God’s sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us and Christ’s resurrection. This young man said he would pray and ponder this.

I know that God’s Spirit is never not at work. I pray for this young man and his wife to have a spiritual awakening to the truth of Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. How much more blessed life is when we have Jesus in it.

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