When I wrote yesterday’s entry, it was personal–just for me. However, as I entered into the counseling sessions for the day I had two clients open up to me that they are struggling with pornography. One is a new client and the other one has been coming for about 6 weeks. This struggle has been my own for several years. Even though I’ve gone through curriculum man has been inspired by God to write, I have not found the release from its tormenting temptations. However, yesterday was different. It seems as though God is ready (or I am ready to hear God differently) to help me walk the high road with this area of struggle and find a freedom from it I’ve not yet known.

The young man who has been coming for a few weeks said he has never talked to anyone about this need. He is so ashamed that he struggles with it. He sure isn’t alone there. God has a freedom most haven’t yet found, I’m believing. White knuckling this issue isn’t freedom. The research of man has shown that porn use has the same impact on our brain that drug use does. However, scripture says God will renew our minds: Romans 12:2. God heals. This is what I am finding and I want others to know and find this freedom in surrendering to God and learning how to depend on Him in this time of struggle.

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