Last night Kathy and I went to see Jesus Revolution–movie. If this isn’t on your list of good things to do in the near future, put it there. It is time and money well spent. If you are from my generation of the hippie movement, you will enjoy it even more. It is inspiring to take a look at something I well remember and see what God has done with it 50 years later. Wow!

It is insightful to read someone else’s insights in order to better see and understand what I am attempting. I am using a devotional this year given to me by my prayer warrior. Today’s message was about deepening our intimacy with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. It is not only about spending time with them each and every day, but it is allowing the time, and taking enough time, to go deeply into our day, our motives, our desires or lack thereof, our spiritual walk, etc. Along with all of this, it is hugely about obedience to what God asks of us. The more we begin to respond to God’s nudges (all of them) the greater intimacy grows. We learn to trust God much more completely when we obey and find that in obedience there is love, support and peace.

Coming to God with the needs of the day is important, but staying with God until we are in union with Him is an outcome I’m now becoming much more awakened to.

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