There is a young man I meet on Saturday mornings for the purpose of counseling. He is one who knows a good deal about the bible and its content, but asking Jesus into your life isn’t part of it. In fact, he isn’t sure who Jesus is other than a good and wise man that the New Testament talks about. The young man isn’t Jewish but was raised to believe the traditions of the Old Testament.

I have challenged this young man to ponder this “man Jesus” and see what he thinks keeping his mind open. Yesterday in our session I had a list of scriptures which support the topic of “self-esteem”. The topic ought to better read, “God supported self-esteem”. The first 5 verses were from the Old Testament and the remaining 3 verses were from the New Testament. We went over each verse for their application to this man’s life since we started the counseling last September. He has made remarkable progress and I wanted him to see how much of this has come from the promises of scripture–Old and New.

Our flesh along with Satan’s deception wants us believing we make improvement from our own strength alone. We can do this for a period of time, but almost always we fall back into the old patterns or habits/beliefs. The changes we make from God’s promises to us are eternal and the effects impact the lives of those around us showing them what God will do for them just as He has done for us. God is working in this young man’s life and the One’s Name Who is working–Jesus Christ! The Light of Jesus penetrates all darkness!

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