Today is the birthday of my prayer warrior–my 2nd mom. This lady is truly one of God’s treasures. I find it amazing that she doesn’t see herself as this treasure any more than I find this true for me. Yet, she tells me I doubt God when I don’t see the truth of His Word when it says I am a treasure to Him. Well, I do understand our flesh and its selfish desire to do what it wants which is all too often not glorifying God. This selfishness makes me doubt myself being a treasure. Yet, when I am reminded that Jesus Christ lives within me along with His Holy Spirit and this is what God sees in me, then I understand the treasure.

Lois McMillan is this treasure. Her physical body is an earthen vessel (II Corinthians 4:7) which is filled with the Light of Jesus Christ and out of her mouth and out of her hands come support and love which God has used to help scores of people over the years see His Heavenly Light for themselves. When we see ourselves we most often see this earthen vessel with its many flaws. God, on the other hand, sees what inside this vessel–His Own Son and His Own Spirit. What an amazing God He is and what a privilege to serve Him!

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