Today’s journey message is going to be different. I’m sharing a blunder I made on this day over 30 years ago. I had taken my oldest daughter to her driver’s training class at 6:00 am. I went from there to my school to start my day. It was a Thursday which was staff newsletter day. As I sat at my computer to begin writing the newsletter I typed March 13 at the top. As I did I recalled it was an important day but what was it?? It then hit me that it was St. Patrick’s Day! I quickly assessed my attire to see I was wearing no green. I didn’t want to go home and change so I looked over my office and found some green M&M’s. I took one and with double-sided scotch tape, put one on my sports jacket lapel.

The morning didn’t go far before I realized my blunder. It came about in a most embarrassing way which I won’t take the time to express here. For years the staff would celebrate two St. Patrick’s Days in recognition of this. From then to today when I see March 13th I cringe recalling the moment. It does bring a smile!

As the journey continues so does reflective moments!

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