Last night I started a small group of men using the Celebrate Recovery Step Study program. Two attending are ones I’ve been counseling with and the other man being from our CR. The group is small, but I thought that was OK and maybe the best considering the ones coming from the counseling side. One of the two from counseling didn’t attend last night saying he completely forgot, leaving two present. This morning as I began to journal I was lamenting to Jesus how disappointing it was to start a step study for only “2” men and hopefully “3”. I’ve never conducted a step study with this small of a number.

As I asked my question of Jesus, what He wanted me to know from Him for today, I was brought up short. He immediately addressed my attitude about the numbers. He said He has always been about the person’s recovery/salvation/freedom. He said that numbers to me were an indication of importance/value. He is wanting a heart change for a person who is willing to come. If I see numbers, where is my attention going?

Being of value has always been significant to me. I grew up thinking I was of little, if any, value–mostly I felt I was disappointing and in the way. I understand this, but little did I think this was still with me to the point it is. I gave this “desire of the flesh” to Jesus this morning. If 2 or 3 come and find freedom, I can rejoice with Jesus for this is why He came!

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