Yesterday was a very productive and fruitful day. My grandson and I were able to get all of the outside work done I was hoping could take place. Along with that I was able to get some errands done which were like frosting on the cake! Most of all, it was a bright, sunny day and we got to be out in it all day long!

As this day begins I am headed to a counseling appointment followed by the beginning of a 2nd small group of men where we will tackle the issue of pornography. When I was thinking about starting this several weeks ago, it was to eliminate talking about this issue one on one and do it with a couple of the men using this great curriculum. There are 6 men now on the list. I know this topic is rampant in our society. All of the ones coming are young men with the exception of one. I praise God that these men are taking this courageous step at this early stage of life. God has a freedom for us and this topic is included in it.

I personally know this topic and its bondage. Satan finds all sorts of manipulative ways to try and keep God’s kids within his grasp. Today, the Sword of the Spirit will penetrate darkness and bring LIGHT from Heaven to a darkness that now must flee!

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