God is always at work. Many years ago, I was a young man in my 20’s, my dad was on the verge of quitting a church because he was angry with one of the Sunday School teachers. I can no longer recall the circumstances and that’s not important anyway. My dad had done this so many times in the past, it was actually predictable. He and mom had retired and moved to our area from the farm.

I don’t know how our pastor heard about dad’s behavior, but he took it upon himself to confront dad. He went to their place and told dad he’d heard that he was upset with this teacher. Dad began to tell him why and the pastor’s response was a message from God. He told dad, “God is at work at our church. This Sunday School teacher is part of that work God is doing. You can choose to be part of this work or you can choose to miss out on the blessings of seeing God work. This will be your choice.”

What I recall now is what my dad did for the first time, I believe. Dad chose to turn himself around and to support. To my knowledge dad had never been confronted by someone. In so doing, he relented. He continued with the church and I don’t believe he ever “quit going” again. God’s is AMAZING in the ways He does work. I want to choose to join Him!

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