Recently I was counseling with a client who needed to address self-esteem/worth. The materials I found in the biblical counseling site seemed to criticize the one struggling saying their struggle was because they didn’t know God well. I spent so many years struggling with this issue and wondered why this great organization would be so trite regarding something so important? I took this issue to one of the two retired counselors who work with me and asked their opinion of this. I was amazed to hear that if one knows God well and believes what God says, self-worth is never an issue for them. The real problem is belief–a spiritual strength, not belief in a carnal sense.

As I began to process for myself how the significance of God has grown for me in the past few years, I easily understand what the counseling site meant. One will never believe they have worth when the very One who created them is devalued. On the contrary, when the Creator is known and fully believed, one can readily believe their value is true. This is not an ego trip, this is God’s Work. An ego trip is what Satan tries to have us believing in our flesh. This is what my father struggled with all of his life and passed the struggle onto his kids (me). God is so faithful in helping turn this issue around. I want to help others see the truth in this and to know and believe by growing in their walk with God.

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