There have been several times in the last few years where I’ve been nudged to work on making Jesus my priority all day every day. I know this should be my daily focus. It is each morning but as the day begins it is so easy for me to get lost in how “Earnie does things” rather than how God wants Earnie to do his things.

I don’t usually get calls on Sunday from anyone pertaining to counsel or help. Yesterday, however, there were two. Ordinarily, if I get a call I’d let them leave a message so I could see how significant the need is. However, this time I was nudged to simply answer when each called. I was so glad I did for I don’t think either would have taken time to leave a message. They were urgent needs. When I saw their names pop up on my phone I was instantly reminded to “keep Jesus as my focus” and that was the sole reason I answered.

When God nudges He doesn’t intend for us to take it as a suggestion. I’ve lived this way far too long–taking these nudges as suggestions. It is a habit I don’t want to continue. In each case yesterday I was deeply thanked for picking up. God wants to include us in His Work and all we have to do is “pick up”.

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