There are moments when a person wants to run rather than stay put and face what has been asked. A family I’ve known for several years has a daughter in her freshman year of college. Last Sunday they drove her back to her university following her Spring Break. She and her best friend went for a drive and was hit head-on killing her best friend and the driver of the other vehicle. The parents returned to the university and brought their daughter home with them yesterday. This morning when I awoke I found a message on my phone requesting counseling assistance for a couple of weeks before she returns to the university. I told them we can see them as soon as tomorrow, but that will likely be me.

There are a lot of helps on the counseling website I have, but I would want someone else to use them fearing I’d not do this well. When I journaled to Jesus this morning He reminded me that He is the Ultimate Counselor and I would be a support for Him. Whether one of the other counselors can take this, I don’t know at this point. But, what I do know is that if I take it, Jesus with The Holy Spirit will be the real Counselor.

I would never want to make something as tragic as this about me. It is truly about the Strength and Love of Jesus Christ and helping them mourn finding Christ’s Help in the process.

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