As I live out each day in the world of counseling I find that in every case we are dealing with one’s flesh and the problems of the flesh. I hear the issues each one brings to the table and often I can see myself in the problem. If I don’t see myself, I can easily still see the problem. It is always of the flesh. As I was reflecting on this with Jesus this morning I was reminded that God is Spirit and He gives us The Holy Spirit to live within us. My request to God was helping me to separate my own self from my flesh and better access His Spirit. To live by the Spirit daily is no easy task when our flesh screams for attention.

I have never liked being of the flesh. Up until recent years, living by the flesh made me think I was just like dad. Then this morning Jesus reminded me that I am fully of the flesh and I am Earnie. The desire I have to live by the Spirit of God will always be present and the more I access God’s Spirit the more I will learn to live by His leadership. The flesh is where sin is rooted and I sure don’t want this dominating how I live. Helping others see this too is a daily goal.

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